DeVon Prioleau


DeVon Prioleau brings nearly two decades of formal study and industry experience in architecture, real estate development, strategic planning, development advisory, process management, and technical building expertise within the public and private sectors both domestically and internationally. A leader in delivering multi-phased real-estate programs, DeVon has managed projects up to and over 1.5 million square feet in size, guiding his clients through the entire life cycle of a project. Equipped with a deep knowledge of the New York City real estate market, DeVon is an integral project team member, advising only the best practices in the industry. DeVon is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a mission to address the “fuzzy math” that leads to underrepresentation in the industry.

Prior to joining Macro, DeVon was the Founding Principal of PRI-O-LEAU Development Group (PDG), where he advised real estate owners, clients, developers, investors, local municipalities, and nonprofit organizations across real estate projects, from conception to completion. Reflecting DeVon’s mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, he formed PDG with an entrepreneurial attitude toward resolving shortages of diverse talents and increasing demand for higher quality leadership services amongst minority professionals within project management. Today, DeVon remains actively involved in various service organizations with several Board positions.