Square Footage

1,000,000+ SQ FT


  • Fit-Out Management
  • Real Estate Strategy & Master Planning
  • Site Selection & Due Diligence 
  • Furniture & Relocation Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Portfolio Management

With an aggressive plan for growth, Kroll (previously Duff & Phelps), has continued to develop into one of the world’s largest global valuation and corporate financial advisory firms. As they have continued to drive headlines with notable mergers and acquisitions, Kroll , has relied on Macro to partner with them on their real estate and project management needs. These include national and international construction management, partnering to help build standard practices, and creating a global synergistic workplace strategy platform. 

Since 2011, Macro has worked with Kroll, on managing their national and international construction projects, integrating within the Kroll, team to help build standard practices, as well as a global synergistic workplace strategy platform. Following months of work building project management templates and standards, as well as the creation of workplace policies and procedures, Macro worked with the Kroll, team to create a master plan for national and international locations, with leasing and space efficiencies as the motivating driver. Macro additionally analyzed the existing real estate footprint, diving deep into agreements and creating an essential database for Duff & Phelps, A Kroll Business, to assess and track their assets. Powered with this information, Macro worked with the real estate team to create analytical and comparative space utilization metrics, as well as a streamlined budget assessment document. 

These metrics enabled Kroll, to take the next step in their strategic planning. Returning to Macro, Kroll, commissioned us to manage the creation of space standards for varying space and office types, including finishes, technology, infrastructure and furniture. Macro also worked on alternative occupancy strategies for select real estate locations to account for potential, unique project parameters. Macro established documentation and template binder standards for use on future projects.