Due Diligence: Getting to Know Cory Archie



We’re thrilled to share the next spotlight in our “Due Diligence: Getting To Know…” series: Project Manager Cory Archie in New York!

Macro: Tell us a little about yourself, Cory.

Cory: I have a background in architecture, urban planning, and real estate finance. When I’m not working, I’m either at the gym or developing film in my bathroom.

Macro: What do you love most about your work?

Cory: The Macro team — working with this group of incredibly talented and dedicated professionals has been very enriching. I’ve felt supported and encouraged from Day 1.

Macro: What is your favorite part of the project life cycle?

Cory: Substantial completion — seeing projects through to the end brings me great satisfaction. Following a project from idea to drawing to implementation is exciting.

Macro: What is one thing you couldn’t make it through the day without?

Cory: My 46oz. water bottle, and my Shiba Inu, Avery.

Macro: What are your tried-and-true “work hacks”?

Cory: I utilize Evernote for taking notes during meetings. The drop-down box makes it easy to take quick notes while presenting my screen without disrupting the meeting and important conversation.

Macro: What surprises people about your job?

Cory: The number of emails I send in one day. (Ballpark figure: 100+) And on top of those emails, there’s always a need to pick up the phone.

Macro: If you could give one piece of advice to a young professional, what would it be?

Cory: Don’t be afraid to explore different career paths and opportunities while you’re young. Internships can be useful in this endeavor. I wore many hats before I chose project management as a career.

Macro: Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Cory: Efficient and always on time.