Due Diligence: Getting to Know Rachel Haberman



We’re thrilled to share the next spotlight in our “Due Diligence: Getting To Know…” series: Human Resources Coordinator Rachel Haberman in New York!

Macro: Tell us a bit about yourself, Rachel.

Rachel: I graduated from Cornell University in 2019 with a degree in Human Development. Since then, I’ve worked as a teacher in New York City and now a Human Resources Coordinator at Macro. In my free time I love traveling and spending time outdoors. I’ve recently become a fan of cooking and have been enjoying trying new recipes.

Macro: What do you love most about your work?

Rachel: I love that I get to build relationships with so many people throughout the company at all levels!

Macro: What is one thing you couldn’t make it through the day without?

Rachel: I couldn’t make it through the day without snacks! I have a major sweet tooth and love to munch on chocolate and gummies throughout the day. The fact that Macro’s offices have such amazing (and healthy!) snacks helps keep my sweet tooth in check.

Macro: What are your tried-and-true “work hacks?”

Rachel: It may sound counterproductive to some people, but one of my best “work hacks” is to take small brain breaks throughout the day. I step away from my desk for a short time and then come back to my work with fresh eyes. This always helps me notice solutions that I may not have thought of before.

Macro: What hard and soft skills do you lean on most in your day-to-day?

Rachel: As someone who interacts with so many different people in our organization and outside of it, I lean on my ability to coordinate, communicate clearly, problem solve, and manage relationships every day.

Macro: What surprises people about your job?

Rachel: The level and frequency of my interaction with the company’s Senior Leadership Team. I interact almost daily with Senior Leaders about recruiting, hiring and onboarding decisions. It has been a unique experience that has enabled me to develop skills in “managing up,” presenting to decisionmakers, and providing executive support.

Macro: If you could give one piece of advice to a young professional, what would it be?

Rachel: To ask questions and be open to learning new things! I have learned so much since joining Macro by asking tons of questions and taking time to meet new people and pick their brains.

Macro: Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Rachel: Versatile, empathetic, and determined.