Alli Hochberg

Associate Director

Allison Hochberg is an Associate Director for Macro, A Savills Company, who brings nearly a decade of experience in planning, implementing and managing change and stakeholder communications programs for clients. Allison’s record of providing strategic, tailored and data-driven guidance to clients allows them to best manifest their organizational culture and goals within their built environment.

Navigating projects with patience and empathy, Allison partners with clients to anticipate and solve issues to minimize the potential for business disruption. Her attention to detail and thoughtful approach means that all variables are considered and accounted for in real time.

Allison’s aptitude for clear and effective communications results in the dissemination of information to key stakeholders to facilitate smooth organizational transformations. Allison is adept at translating the abstract into something tangible, creating user-friendly deliverables to help align stakeholders and drive decision making.

Allison graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Sociology. She holds certificates in Organizational Behavior and Topics in Human Behavior from Harvard Extension School, where she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology.