Kelly Creighton


Kelly Creighton is a Director at Savills, focusing on change management. She brings more than a decade of experience in managing projects, programs, and teams, large and small, to help clients assess their current space and plan ahead. Her expertise & approach supports clients in manifesting their organizational culture and goals within their environments. Kelly’s experience in change management, communications management, and workplace strategy helps clients commit, connect, and bridge the gap from their present state to their future goals. Her ability to anticipate and solve issues before they arise saves clients innumerable headaches, and her attention to detail ensures that every variable is accounted for.

Kelly’s aptitude for clear and effective communications has made her indispensable to clients and colleagues alike. She is adept in translating even the most abstract requests and synthesizing information into clear, tangible materials that help align stakeholders and drive decision making. Prior to her tenure at Savills, Kelly was a senior project manager at Macro Consultants for four years, where she provided a “white glove” service to clients, focusing on change management, operations, communications, amenity spaces, wellness, executive communications, from both planning and implementation perspective. Kelly also worked in the Philadelphia local foods system including Farm to City and Philly Foodworks, where she developed and implemented systems to increase operational efficiency and measured analytics for consumer spending.