Michael Glatt

Vice Chairman, North American Head of Project Management

Michael Glatt is Vice Chairman, North American Head of Project Management. With over 40 years of industry experience, Michael epitomizes daily leadership, for both clients and fellow team members. Michael has managed an extensive array of projects and accounts, ranging from commercial, large-scale towers and campuses to various nonprofit assignments. No matter the size of scope of the project, Michael brings his unfettered energy, experience and commitment.

After joining Macro more than 15 years ago, he has helped the business grow exponentially to involvement in over 65M square feet of transformative projects for Fortune 500 companies. Along the way, he has worked to deepen and expand the company’s set of unique competencies, making Macro considerably more flexible and experienced in addressing any client’s end-to-end needs.

With a combination of proven accomplishments and a passion for protecting client interests, Michael has instilled his vision in a new generation of project managers at Macro—one that’s able to manage the big picture in tandem with the details. He has been honored by and joined the boards for several marquee clients as trusted advisor.