Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig

Square Footage

850,000+ SQ FT 

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Design Management
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement Support Management
  • Furniture & Relocation Management

Macro was retained to help Greenberg Traurig renovate office spaces and complete pre-lease activities across the country. As Greenberg Traurig’s strategic partner of over three years, Macro has helped Greenberg Traurig expand their portfolio to 41 locations worldwide, ensuring each project reflects the local team’s unique culture.

Macro helped Greenberg Traurig renovate their offices and transform their interior design to promote better work environments and employee comfort through a wide range of capabilities. Macro utilized its strength in strategic planning to help Greenberg Traurig and the design team reach innovative and streamlined plans, ensuring that Greenberg Traurig would stay competitive and contemporary in legal workplace layout and design.

Macro additionally oversaw plans to optimize conference spaces and practice areas for each location, guaranteeing flexibility for various needs. Throughout the project process, Macro coordinated with Greenberg Traurig, the design team, the construction manager, and all other appropriate stakeholders, providing executive updates to senior leaders on a regular basis.

Macro also provides due diligence services to review properties and landlord proposals, assisting in property choice, lease negotiation, and TI-allowance negotiation. Macro then provides project management services for the selected location, managing the budget and timeline to ensure the project remains as cost and time-efficient as possible.