Square Footage

172,000 SQ FT 

Services Provided

  • Owner’s/Tenant Representation
  • Project Management 
  • Furniture & Relocation Management 
  • Budget & Cost Management
  • Change & Communications Management

Macro was engaged to manage the restacking of Interpublic Group’s (IPG’s) existing building and relocation of their subsidiary groups, including McCann.

The project consisted of a 12-floor restack with different subsidiary groups occupying most floors. Each group came with its own unique requirements, needs, design choice, team dynamics, budget and desire for equal space consideration. IPG’s groups had different lease expiration dates and programming needs for their existing spaces, which added pressure to the project timeline.

When Macro joined the project, construction was behind schedule and the project budget, related invoices and costs were not regularly monitored. Macro immediately created an invoice and cost control protocol, allowing for a more streamlined process mobilizing contractors and vendors. Macro was able to relieve the added schedule pressure and meet project completion deadlines. Alongside an evolving stakeholder group during the life of the project, Macro remained a steady hand for schedule adherence and budget compliance. Macro worked to keep stakeholders aligned and focused on what mattered. Macro continued to manage the relocation of 5 additional Interpublic Group companies, over a 3-year period, for over 100,000 square feet of additional space.