New Product Launch Implementation

New Product Launch Implementation

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250 Sites Nationwide

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  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Change & Communications Management

With hundreds of retail stores across the United States, the Client enlisted Macro to create a standardized process for integrating new lines of business into all units seamlessly. Macro established a PMO to manage the implementation within the retail channel. Macro developed a well-structured program that provided oversight and streamlined communication across all workstreams to maintain alignment amid shifting deadlines and priorities. This allowed the client to successfully integrate their new business line into 250+ national retail stores within a tightened delivery window, through operational hand-off back. 

Working closely with senior leadership and key stakeholders, Macro developed an integrated project plan that mapped out how to execute new business line integration, in concert with other priorities. This planning required the management of 12 workstreams, for whom we created playbooks and streamlined communications, in addition to providing stakeholders with the appropriate level of detail into the project. Macro initiated a complex 15-month planning process that accounted for collisions, prioritized launch dates based on revenue-generating regions, confirmed product availability with the third-party logistics vendors, and aligned with key leadership’s objectives. Macro then managed the implementation over a 9-month period, which required real-time pivoting and coordination of changes throughout the process