Jeffrey Santoro

Executive Vice President

Jeff Santoro is an Executive Vice President at Savills and a key member of the Project Management Practice Group’s Senior Leadership Team. Jeff oversees Macro, A Savills Company’s, Strategic Advisory and PMO services groups. With over a decade of experience in Program and Project Management that involves managing complex, cross-functional projects, Jeff is a proven collaborator who excels in strategic planning and project implementation. Jeff’s ability to consolidate and synthesize complex data into boardroom-ready dashboards and summaries helps clients make informed and long-term planning decisions, with tangible cost-savings and KPIs.

In addition to his Project Management and PMO responsibilities, Jeff oversees the process and staffing for Project Budgeting, Cost Control and Cash Flow Projections. Additionally, Jeff is actively involved in Portfolio Management and Analysis for lease and site selection decisions. Jeff’s insight, attention to detail and risk analysis expertise offer clients the peace-of-mind they need. He plays an essential role in cross-department and project communications.

Jeff has demonstrated his superlative skills with Program/Project Management, Strategic Analysis, Process Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Data Management and Cost Control, working directly with clients such as Comcast Cable, Comcast Corporation, Athene, Duff & Phelps, NBCUniversal and McCann Erickson.