Michael Fromm

Executive Vice President

With over four decades of experience in Real Estate, Construction, and Real Estate Development Management, Michael’s career has touched on all key elements of the industry.

Michael founded Macro Consultants in 1993 to address a substantial void for client representation in the marketplace. His extensive experience with Real Estate Development and Core & Shell work has helped him to approach Project and Development Management with rigorous attention to detail, defining what it means to be an Owner and Tenant Representative.

As one of the industry’s leading experts, Michael is working to train and mentor the next generation of project managers. Always versed in cutting-edge technology, Michael has been central in establishing many core processes and programs, leveraging his legendary “no nonsense” style throughout.

Clients deeply value his unmatched forward planning and ability to protect their interests, as well as his protective stewardship throughout the entire project process. Michael’s dedication and advocacy ensure that every project is a transparent process held to stark examination and infused with all aspects of the people and projects involved.