Ben Rubin


Benjamin Rubin is Director, Real Estate and Procurement at Macro where he oversees client work relating to:  vendor RFPs, selection, and engagement; real estate strategy, portfolio management, deal structure, transactions and leases.  Ben stays closely connected to in-house and outside counsel, procurement and risk teams to drive project and business team goals.

Ben brings with him a unique combination of experience. Ben has an undergraduate degree in hotel management from Cornell, and a decade of hotel and restaurant experience, including owning a combined pizzeria and video rental store, all before returning home to law school at Temple.  Ben has been a practicing attorney since 2003. Ben’s legal practice focused on real estate and business matters, including acquisitions, due diligence, zoning, contracts, and leasing. Ben oversees client work related to real estate transactions, legal and finance matters, and lease management, client agreements, and procurement practice.

Concurrently with his legal practice, and for four years prior to joining Macro, Ben was with Aramark Strategic Assets, Concept Team, whose job was to design and build various Aramark environments, often in a client’s space, ranging from cashier-less grab-and-go venues to multifaceted university and arena settings.  Ben managed a network of design and construction partners who built these foodservice environments compliant with Aramark standards, concepts, and brands.

Ben is admitted to the Bar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and is a leader in various civic, educational, and alumni organizations.